short ugg boots!

Stay warm and on-trend with this cozy Airwalk boot 
featuring a rich upper with raw seams and a 
toggle closure for easy on/off,
 a roomy round toe, cushiony faux fur lining and a lightweight outsole


large size women's boots in Japan

These boots are made for walkin'!...
and talking!
Let our boots do the talking for you.
A picture is worth a thousand words,and the picture our boots can paint of you is a pretty one!

Be edgy, be sharp, be trendy...
but most of all, be comfortable.


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Get your classy summer night wear on with an open toe slingback from 912shop!

Slingback shoes with a criss-cross toe box (such as this one available at 912shop)
make a great option for classy, yet breathable summer evening wear. 

So as we all know, summer is THE time to let your feet breath and get your open-toe on! Now as nice as it is to have some casual summer sandals to rock out with your maxi dress or spend your days sipping cappuccinos at any of Tokyo's super stylin' coffee houses, if you want your wardrobe to be complete, you also have GOT to get some summer open-toed night wear as well.

If you are searching for the perrrrrrfect sexy summer nights shoe, then we at 912shop AS ALWAYS, have got ya back, girl! Our patent black slingback, has a 4" heel to lengthen your legs out, and an adjustable buckle on the slingback, padded insole, and 1/2 inch platform to keep 'em comfy. ;) They can look amazing with any and all things black whether you are having a business dinner in slacks or stylin' out in a classy black evening dress. ;)

Now if you are looking for something of an equivalent cute-sexy-and-all-things-in-between for the daytime, then you can also pick up a pair of these in navy to wear with white knee length or mini skirts, navy tops or any other combination you can think of. One thing is for certain: nothin' says summer like looking like you are ready to set sail! We have these in stock from sizes 9-12 US, but as the toe box can be small on criss-cross open toe heels, you may want to try for a size or half size larger. As with everything from 912shop, shipping is totally free to pretty much anywhere in Japan, and we can deliver them right to your doorstep. Act fast though! These are a hot seller in limited supply, and some sizes may quickly become unavailable. But don't let me stop ya here! Feel free to stop by our webshop to see if any other shoes tickle your fancy, and we can ship them out to you all in one go! We got ya back, girl!


GLAM the heat with super cute summer sandals!

The Movie Star: A super-cute summer sandal for the taller Tokyo girl  ;) 

Greetings girls! Now that the Tokyo summer is full swing, things are starting to get hot, steamy, and sticky (and not in a cool way), and the last thing you want is to spend your days feeling extra sweaty because you aren't rockin' the right footwear. Summer sandals like Montego Bay's Movie Star are the perfect choice for the super-humid Japanese summer because they give your feet a chance to breath when it's nice and hot. Besides that these super-cute sandals look great with everything from skinny jeans and Capris to the oh-so-hot maxi dresses and skirts that are all the rage right now. Pairing these with a maxi look not only keeps your legs cool by keeping the sun off of them, but also exudes a casual, cool, nothing-to-prove sexiness. Whether you are one of us taller girls who doesn't care to wear heels or just a cute city girl who spends too much time out walking around to be bothered with them, these sandals offer up an elegant and classy solution.

As with almost everything at 912shop, we offer the Movie Star sandal in a range of sizes from 9 - 13, and in gold, pewter and silver just for all you beautiful, lovely tall girls out there. As always you can also have them delivered right to your door FREE OF CHARGE to pretty much anywhere in Japan. If you are looking for a super cute summer women's sandal in large sizes, then have no fear!! We at 912 got ya back, girl! ;)


912shop Switching to a New Server!

Hello lovely people and friends of www.912shop.net! For any of you who have visited the site recently, you've probably noticed that we seem not to be there...but fear not!! We are still indeed here! We are just moving servers :) Terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but we just want to make sure that we can always have our lovely little website in tip-top shape, and available for you 24-7.

If however, you are dying to get some new shoes while the spring fashions are all the rage, (or to gear up for the summer) we are keeping a few options open for ya! 1 option is just to order our products through amazon. Don't worry, you can do so in both English and Japanese! (Just click the little English button to switch it over).

Here is the amazon site:


The other option is to use 912shop.net's temporary site:


Our shop email is still working just fine though, so if you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to drop us a line here!


We are still toooootally committed to bringing all you tall girls out there the cutest and sexiest shoes we can find, and we hope you can be patient with us while we make this transition. Thanks again and we love ya!


Hot Spring & Summer Trends in Tokyo- Flower-Power to the Max!

Aside from Neon, another hot trend for the spring season is flower-print, and recently, I just see it eeeeeeeverywhere. On every street corner in Shibuya to the tiniest little Tokyo backstreets, there is a flower-power revolution going on, and you don't wanna miss out, girl!

Here at 912shop.net, we have a few nice selections of large-size flower print flats for you to choose from. Take a look! Either of these super cute and oh-so feminine shoes would look great with a pair of skinny jeans. Rock the darker ones with a pair of jeggings, or the lighter ones with a pair of white jeans or Capris. ;)

If however, you prefer to rock the super trendy flower print jeans that are all the rage right now, then no sweat, we've still got ya covered! Pastels and bright spring colored shoes go GREAT and match the nature of any and everything flower-print. Any of these selections are a wonderfully cute addition to your wardrobe, but with this trend in particular are just killer.

As with almost all of our shoes, they are available in US 9 (25.5cm) to US 13... and if we are sold out, or don't carry your size, then no sweat! Recently, we have started taking custom orders as well. As I have said before, and I will say again, we got you covered, girl!


Hot Spring & Summer Trends in Tokyo- Neon IS IT!

One of the biggest Tokyo spring fashion trends this year is Neon,
and just because you are a taller girl doesn't mean you have to be left out.
These super cute flats are available in US9 (25.5) to 13 (29.5cm)
So in case you haven't noticed, one of the biggest fashion trend for this spring season is neon, and OF COURSE, you can count on 912shop.net to make sure us taller girls have our shoe needs covered as well. ;) If you are looking for some cute neon shoes to supplement your wardrobe, then look no further-  our neon-piped ballet flats are it! They are available with either lime green or bright orange piping (and insole), but they aren't so gaudy that you will have to stop wearing them as soon as the neon trend fades. They have a black and white zebra upper that makes matchable with most casual outfits, while having the pizzaz of a "touch" of neon to keep you trendy, but not gaudy. Throw them on with jeans, and a white T-shirt and you are stylin', girl!

Additionally, at only 5,980yen they are one of our most affordable selections, so you don't have to worry about them breaking your bank! We still have them in stock from sizes US9 (25.5cm) to US13 (29.5cm), so be sure to pick up your pair while you can. Get them while they are NEON hot!


R & R in Bali!

The swimming pool at the Komaneka Resort. So nice!!
I just came back from a buying trip in Indonesia, and got to spend some time in Bali. This is my second time heading out there, and I just LOVE it. During this trip, just like the last time I stayed at the Hotel Grand Whiz in Kuta for most of the trip, but then to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and touristy areas, at a friend's recommendation, I spent a few days at the Komaneka Resort at Tanggayuda, (Ubud) and it was AMAZING. the area was totally secluded and aside from the soft music (and occasional gecko mating call!) it was perfectly quiet. I would love to come back to stay there for a little while longer in the future if I get a chance!

On the way out of Ubud, I also had a chance to grab a bite to eat at the Rice Terrace Cafe. The food was pretty good, but by far the best thing about it was the view. I just got back to Tokyo and I am already looking forward to going there next year!


Our Black Glitter Flats, Now up to 30cm! (US 13W)

Our super comfy black glittery flats are now available in sizes
ranging from 25.5cm (9US, 41.5 EUR) to 30cm (13W US, 46 EUR)! 
Greetings ladies!

We at 912shop.net all hope that you are enjoying the tail end of the Japanese winter season and are feeling ready to move into spring! I know we all love our boots (and how great they look with skirts!) but it is most certainly getting to be the time for warmer weather. As a function of that, we just thought we'd let ya know that our black glittery are now available is sizes up to 30cm (13W US, EUR 46).

One of the great things about black flats is that they can go well with just about anything; skirts, dresses, casual jeans, skinny jeans, short shorts, anything! And with our glittery black flats, they add just that extra edge of playfulness to compliment your smile or wink ;) Now having them in sizes up to 30cm, even the tallest of girls don't have to miss out on this wonderful little addition to their wardrobe.

Feel free to check them out here or to visit the 912 shop main page for more details!


Pretty Red Pumps for the Taller Tokyo Girl

The newest SUPER-CUTE addition to the 912shop collection.
Available in sizes 26cm (US 9.5) to 29.5 (US 13). Get them while you can, girls!
The newest addition to the 912shop collection is the super-cute red Karmen pump. As any girl who's taken a stroll around Tokyo can tell you, red pumps are always hot, and with these you just can't go wrong. The heel is just high enough that they look KILLER when paired with a short shirt and black tights, (how much more Tokyo can you get than that!) or they can also be worn casually with a pair of jeans as well to provide that sexy little eye catching hint of color.

You know the one I'm talking about... the one that says "I may be casually dressed, but I'm still confident & sexy." Besides being uber-cute, to and versatile, to make these shoes even better, they have a rounded toe that won't pinch your toes, soft jersey lining on the inside and a comfort plus sole that makes them totally wearable on those all day stretches.

We have these cute little red pumps in sizes ranging from 26cm (US 9.5) all the way up to 29.5 (US 13), but like everything at 912shop, supplies are limited, so be sure to get them while they are hot, girls!  Check out our page here for more info or to place an order! We hope to hear from ya soon! ;)


A SUPER cute ballet flat in large sizes just for you!

The New American Eagle Ballet Flat, available in large sizes in Japan by 912shop.net
We at 912shop.net pride ourselves on understanding the needs of women here in Japan, and it with that understanding, we bring you the American Eagle Ballet Flat. This super cute ballet flat is perfect for the taller girl who may not want to stand out in too much in heels, or simply for the busy city girl who spends too much of her time on her feet to be uncomfortable.

As cute as they are, they are also lightweight, flexible and offer a rounded toe so they don't pinch your toes, or make long days on your feet a burden. The padded jersey lining, and footbed also adds to the comfort, and the black patent-look exterior also makes them good to go with just about any kind of outfit you wanna mix or match them with.

We have these adorable ballet flats in 8.5 - 13 US (25cm - 29.5cm- JP, 40.5 - 46.5 EU) as well as a wide range of other cute large sizes women's shoes! Just be sure to check up on our main page to see what we've got!